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Wedding / Anniversary

We offer Wedding / Anniversary Day Coordination. We provide the onsite experience that couples need to ensure their beautiful day is effortless and memorable.



We create colorful decor that is the spectacular new way to decorate any type of party!



Are you planning a banquet on a tight budget, or want to go all out with the finest food, fanciest decorations and premium entertainment, engage GJs today!


Graduation Party

Whether you’re expecting a dozen cousins or several hundred relatives, planning a meaningful, memorable and fun family reunion is a challenge.


Family Reunion

Whether you’re expecting a dozen cousins or several hundred relatives, planning a meaningful, memorable and fun family reunion is a challenge. It takes time, organizational skills and a sense of humor. We can help.


Any Special Occassion

Whether organizing a small meeting or orchestrating a large party, or family event, event planning is a huge task! At GJs Elegant and Beauty, we can know how. Engage us!

Our Services


Things we consider

Foods & drinks

For wedding planners, there are a million little details that need to be taken into account with every event. Food is arguably the highest on the list. The right meals, snacks, and drinks are major indicators for successful events, we ensure everything runs (and goes down) smoothly! 

Venue Booking

At GJs, we believe that event venue importance cannot be overstated, as it sets the tone  for the event and influences the guest experience. A well-chosen venue can enhance the event's theme,  provide the right ambiance, and facilitate guest comfort and convenience. Engage us!

Photo & videography

Event photos & photography is crucial for the success of your event. Not only is it necessary to attract clientele, but using the correct type of photography can attract your target audience. Our dedicated team of experts stands by if you require event photos and photography. 

Light & sound system

Using High-Quality Light and Sound communicate tone, mood and focus, making the most of your venue space and drawing your guest's attention to all of the right things. It is well known that different types of lighting can evoke different moods and can trigger different emotions in people. Engage us!

Guest invitation

Event invitations are an important part of event promotion and planning. In many cases, they are the primary way to get the word out about an event and can help drive event attendance. Engage us!

Design & Decoration

Decoration plays an important role in any event. It can help create the perfect atmosphere for your guests and bring the overall theme to life. Plus, it helps set the tone of your event, making it more memorable for everyone who attends. Let's plan your next event, together!

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